Meet your future


Modern life in 2022

Biopolis is the city of the future, where the findings of modern biological research have now become reality. Visitors can discover new mysteries of life, learning which products will be available tomorrow thanks to the latest biological research and how the inhabitants of Biopolis use these products. The exhibition shows us today what may be reality tomorrow.

You see Biopolis from above when you first enter the pavilion. Balance is the centerpiece, and there are three theme areas – the Club, the Store and the Pool. In the Club, eight male and female citizens of Biopolis are talking about beauty, illness and how to live longer and stay healthy.

The Store presents customized products and services that could be in the shops in 2022 – from cleansing robots for the inside of your body through artificial tissue to wellness pills. The Pool gives you a feel for wealth, dignity and the diverse forms of human life. The centerpiece of Biopolis is a game called Balance. Sitting around an enormous table equipped with a videoscreen and 12 play-stations, visitors can try their hand at achieving balance. Their skill helps them to unveil the miracle of life. The better they play, the more harmonious their combined game becomes, the more they see of the sequence of images on the table. Biopolis makes it clear that meaningful advances in research are not possible without reconciling extremely different forces and interests.


Visitor capacity per day

Total visitors

Novartis, Basel

Project management Novartis
Daniel Huber

Concept and realisation
Team topoi (Annette Schönholzer, Projektleitung), Basel

Content, communication
Brauchbar, Büchel und Partner (new: advocacy AG) (Mathis Brauchbar), Basel and Zurich

Architecture, scenography
d-case GmbH (new: Holzer Kobler Architekturen GmbH) (Barbara Holzer, Frank Dittmann), Zurich

Scenography, visual design
WBG AG für visuelle Kommunikation (Benedikt Flüeler, Hans Grüninger, Rolf Weiersmüller), Zurich

General planning, construction
Bosshard + Partner (Max Bosshard), Zürich

Building services
Amstein+Walthert AG, Bern 

Site management
IKA R. Schultheiss (deleted), Biel

AV technology and software development
Bild+Ton AG, Ebikon 

Lighting design
Delux Theatre Lighting, Zurich

Civil engineer
Preisig AG, Zurich 

Audio scripts
Ralph Eichenberger, Lucerne

Music and composition
Michel Seigner, Dübendorf

Audiovisual productions
Visavista AG, Basel 

Murals/spatial graphics/signalling
Maria Rosa Jehle, Zürich

Scientific advice and exhibits
Biochemisches Institut, Universität Zürich, Zurich
Biozentrum, Universität Basel, Basel
Botanischer Garten, Universität Basel, Basel
Friedrich Miescher Institut, Basel
Institut für Hirnforschung, ETH Zürich, Zurich
Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie, Universität Zürich, Zurich
Naturhistorisches Museum, Basel
Universitäts-Frauenklinik,Kantonspital Basel. Basel
Universitäts-Spital, Zurich
Zoologisches Institut, Universität Basel, Basel

Coaching Expo.02
Armin Heusser (Head)
Daniel Guntli

Operations management
Annette Luther
Christine Huber-Musahl
Katja Jenni-Szaloky
Hans Martin Roffler

Corinne Nicole Bigler, Pamela Davoli, D. Hohermuth, Promthong Monchaya, Rachel Roulin, Marlise Schmid, Lili Wullschleger, Melanie Wyss

Photos: Press kit Biopolis; Panorama Tour; © Jürg Frei; © Andreas Mosimann; © Michael Studt; Archive Ralph Ammann