Body in motion


Sport, fantasy, fame and private life

Have you ever wondered who is behind the person of Beat Zberg, Stéphane Chapuisat or Martina Hingis? What exactly does a top athlete think and feel? The exhibition Circuit invites you on a journey of discovery. The inner voice of the athlete will guide you through the exhibition.

The exhibition pavilion is a cylinder. To get inside, follow one of the two labyrinthine paths. At each crossroads you have to make a choice - a discipline, for example - and take part in the decision-making process that often accompanies an athlete's activity. A competition is coming up. You walk past photos of famous Swiss athletes, sound montages, voices - the tension builds. The inner room is divided into two areas. Your choice in the labyrinth has led you to the central platform or to the cycling track. On the platform, you are among the hundred or so spectators. The sounds of the crowd mingle with the stadium loudspeakers, the beating of your heart and the sounds of breathing; a video reveals the athlete's manias before the start and reflects the outside world. The starting signal approaches and the nervousness rises to unbearable levels: Ready, set, go.

The race

A master of ceremonies gives the starting signal. Has the labyrinth led you into the round of the cyclists? The fixed track surrounds the central platform and is equipped with fifty bicycles of different sizes. You and your neighbours have the task of cycling in time. You have the impression of making the central platform turn with the spectators. You continue to pedal, and once you have reached the right frequency, you trigger scenographic effects: Projections, lights, sound sequences. The finish line is approaching. At the end of this race, everyone wins. You head for the exit, time stands still for a moment. For ten minutes you have been in the skin of a top athlete. Breathe out deeply.


Visitor capacity per day

Total visitors

Sport Suisse.02 (Federal Office of Sport)
Swiss Olympic Association, Ittigen 
Sport-Toto-Gesellschaft, Basel 
International Olympic Committee, Lausanne  
Raiffeisen Schweiz, St.Gallen 

Prof. Otto Beisheim Foundation, Baar 

Project Management
Bruno Tschanz

Authors, architecture
Atelier Nou SA (Claudia Liebermann, Thierry Baechtold, Dario Liebermann), Pully

Condor Communications AG (new: Condor Films AG) (Kristian Widmer, Pascal Salamin, Corry Knobel), Zurich 

Atelier Poisson (Giorgio Pesce), Chavannes-près-Renens 

Coaching Expo.02 
Sergio Cavero (Head)
Gilles Roulin

Operations management
Bruno Tschanz (Operations Manager)
Simone Barthlomé
Christine Hasler
Katja Känel
Michèle Nyffenegger

Photos: Press kit Circuit; © Christoph Steudler