Expo.01 ticket

The original plan was to realise Expo.01 as a cashless event. Those responsible for Expo.01, in co-operation with various partners, planned a new type of ticket system for this purpose. The data carrier was to serve on the one hand as a ticket with the corresponding access authorisation and on the other as a means of payment. In addition, each data carrier (the size of a credit card) was to be unique. To this end, a project-specific process was developed that combined digital design, digital equipment and digital printing in a single online process.  

However, public acceptance of cashless events was not yet given in the run-up to Expo.02, which is why the project was not realised.

Production and design system
Richard Feurer, Zurich

Playing with the magic of chance and the charm of technology
224 characters x 224 backgrounds x 224 character fillings = 11'239'424 unique pieces

Photos: © Richard Feurer; © Archive Ralph Ammann

Product   Expo.01 ticket prototype
Article   Base ticket
Publisher   Expo.01, Neuchâtel
Organiser   Expo.01, Neuchâtel
Year   1999
Language   -
Nombre of pages   2
Format   86 x 54 mm
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