Agriculture between globalisation and nostalgia


The exhibition on agriculture in Murten-Morat is supposed to be an analysis. No whining. Expoagricole consists of two centrally located, complementary exhibition sections: the SwissMiniNature theme park in Park Beaulieu and the speciality market near the Berntor.

Food is a basic need. Thanks to the industrialisation of agriculture, food is now available to us in virtually unlimited quantities. Environmental and food scandals accompany industrialisation - a sign that the effects of social changes are particularly visible in agriculture. Agriculture is also an interesting theme for Expo.02 because the Swiss cultivate a nostalgic image of rural life that says more about them than about actual conditions.

Every lorry a theme

For example, in the SwissMiniNature theme park: the video show in the 24-hour petrol station shop uses images from food advertising, news and documentaries to show how we experience agriculture in everyday life. On the Route Agricole, a road artificially laid into the park, there is a long row of truck bridges. It is reminiscent of a truck traffic jam. Each of the nine wagons is dedicated to a theme. On the opposite lane, agricultural machinery is presented; from the large combine harvester to the small golf course lawn mower, almost everything can be seen at this parade.

The farmer and his everyday life

In the Jardin des Cultures, the diversity of agricultural products comes into its own. There are fields with rape, vegetables, wheat or vines, but also an orchard and a potato field. In four tents, film portraits of different farms are shown on two image tracks. While the right-hand image track shows everyday life on the farm, the people living and working there have their say on the left-hand image track.

In the Forum with its arena and grandstand, a multi-purpose hall and a restaurant, Expo visitors come into direct contact with agriculture. Animal shows take place here, but also theme-oriented or regional events, conferences and discussion rounds. Thanks to these contributions from the agricultural organisations and associations, the Forum becomes a lively meeting centre for Expoagricole.

Close up and personal with piglets

Various attractions for children are planned in and around the former gardener's house in Beaulieu Park. A farm kitchen, a petting zoo with piglets, goats and rabbits and a herb garden will be installed. Animators will take the young, teenage and adult visitors on a tour. Finally, in the information pool, interested visitors, media people and specialists will find a wealth of background information on agriculture and on the origins of Expoagricole.

Last but not least: the speciality market at the Berntor. It is dedicated to regional, local and seasonal specialities from all over Switzerland at 16 stands. Here visitors can discover, taste, compare, buy - and enjoy.


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Expoagricole Association consisting of:
Swiss Farmers' Union, Brugg 
Agro-Marketing Suisse AMS, Berne 
Swiss Farmers' and Rural Women's Association, Brugg 
Association des groupements et organisations romands de l’agriculture (AGORA), Lausanne 

Federal Office for Agriculture
Governments of the Swiss cantons and the Principality of Liechtenstein
Fondation pour une alimentation durable assurée par l'agriculture suisse
Swiss Vine and Wine Association, Berne 
Fenaco Genossenschaft, Berne 
Association of Swiss Feed Manufacturer, Zollikofen 
Interprofession du Gruyère, Pringy-Gruyères 

Agrisano Krankenkasse, Brugg; Agro-Gerber AG, Bösingen; Agromont AG, Hünenberg,; Bovey Machines SA, Payerne; Bucher Landtechnik AG, Niederweningen;Cremo SA, Villars-sur-Glâne; Dachverband Schweizerischer Müller, Berne; DeLaval AG, Sursee; Die Mobiliar, Berne; ECAB Etablissement cantonal d'assurance des bâtiments, Granges-Paccot; Eric Schweizer Samen AG, Thun; Fédération des Industries Alimentaires Suisse, Berne; Fédération suisse des associations des planteurs de tabac (Neu: Swiss Tabac), Posieux; GVS-Agrar AG, Schaffhausen; Umatec, Fribourg; IP.Suisse, Zollikofen; Matra (new: Robert Aebi AG), Zollikofen; Schweizer Hagel, Zürich; Schweizer Tierschutz STS, Basel; SEG-Bern Genossenschaft für Eier und Geflügel, Bern; SEG-Zürich/Basel, Sursee; Serco Service Company AG (new: Serco Landtechnik AG), Oberbipp; Syngenta AG, Basel; Association of Swiss Grain Importers (New: Association of the Swiss Grain and Feed Trade), Berne; Verband Schweizerischer Saatgut- und Jungpflanzenfirmen, Winterthur; Zaunteam Spahni AG, Laupen 

Peter Spillmann

Project management
Hans Burger

Sub-project management               
Peter Spillmann (SwissMiniNature, Route agricole)
Geneviève Gassmann (Ferme des enfants)
Urs Schneider (Forum)
Lorenz Bösch, Urs Bühlmann (Marché)
Jacques Bourgois (Jardin des cultures)
Francis Egger (Infopool, Porträts)

Architecture Forum and Jardin des cultures
Graber.Pulver Architekten AG, Berne/Zurich 

Planning of the structural framework
Conzett Bronzini Gartmann AG (Neu: Conzett Bronzini Partner AG), Chur 

Construction management
b+p Baurealisation AG, Zurich

Architecture Le Marché
AJN Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Paris, France (market tent) www,
Partner: GIMM Gauer Itten Messerli Maria, Berne (market tent) 
Designo AG, Basel (interior fittings, stands) 

Landscape architecture SwissMiniNature
Guido Hager Landschaftsarchitektur AG (new: Hager Partner AG), Zurich 

Architecture Ferme des enfants and Infopool
Peter Blatter Architektur AG, Murten 

Construction coordination
Max Bosshard

Film portraits
Film-Kollektiv Zürich AG (Urs Graf, Hans Stürm, Villi Hermann, Otmar Schmid, Hansueli Schenkel, Marlies Graf Dätwyler, Rainer M. Trinkler, Michael Vögeli), Zurich 

Urs Schneider
Roland Furrer

Coaching Expo.02
Danielle Nanchen (Head)
Nicolas Bonstein
Daniel Guntli

Operations Management
Ernst O. Kuster (Operations Manager)
Jürg Messerli (Forum)
Marianne Jungo-Julmy (Ferme des enfants)
Jakob Schmutz (Jardin des cultures)
Doris Eggenschwiler (Jardin des cultures)
Hans Reinhard (Le Marché)
Jürg Rindlisbacher (Infopool)

Operations Team SwissMiniNature
Ida Bättig, Charles Beyeler, Marianne Bischoff, Rolf Bischoff, Beatrice Boschung, Emilie Bourgeois, Ruth Bühlmann, Karin Bula, Stefan Burla, Anny David, Olivier Duc, Christine Fässler, Simon Gasser, Cornelia Giger, Werner Herren, Claudia Höchner, Tim Höchner, Peter Holzer, Irma Immer, Jürg Immer, Alexandra Kuster Maloku, Rosmarie Ledermann, Michael Lüthi, Sahide Maloki, Bajrush Maloku, Fatmire Maloku, Hans Marti-Röthlisberger, Ines Mettraux, Anton Meyer, Christine Pellaux, Véronique Panatier, Vanessa Poffet, Ruedi Rufer, Marc-David Ruepp, Elsbeth Schaedeli, Daniela Schürch, Sophie Spreng

Operations Team Ferme des enfants
Barbara Anderegg, Lionel Auzet, Elisabeth Bastelli, Marie Dominé, Louise Fankhauser, Francine Gallandat, Laurence Gallandat, Christine Glauser, Doris Häfliger, Chantal Jolliet, Laurissa Keller, Cornelia Leicht, Patricia Müller, Priska Neff, Véronique Piccand, Alliette Rey, Birgitta Rufer. Marina Sladin, Rahel Wassmer, Veronika Würth, Ruth Wyss, Patricia Zbinden

Care of the children
Elsbeth Aeberhard, Greti Aeberhard, Edith Albin, Sylvie Barbey, Paul Bignens, Vreni Brandenburger, Robert Brandenburger, Christine Brügger-Hubschmid, Heinz Brügger, Peter Bucher, Claudia Burri, Christian Burri, Marlies Burri, Olivier Cretegny, Laurence Cretegny, Monika Dissler-Ledermann, Lisbeth Enz-Limacher, Micheline Estoppey, Jean-Jacques Estoppey, Anne Favre, Jean-Daniel Favre, Erika Freiburghaus-Hertig, Andreas Freiburghaus, Brigitte Gisler-Häfliger, Sepp Gisler, Dori Guignard, Hans Häfelfinger, Marika Häfelfinger, Käthi Helfenstein-Egli, Maria Hodel-Stocker, Brigitta Huber, Andrea Huber, Tabitha Imobersteg, Christine Imobersteg, Edith Ineichen-Bieri, Erika Jans, Peter Jans, Barbara Kunz, Heinz Kunz, Annemarie Lüthi, Bernhard Lüthi, Beatrice Matter, Hans Matter. Laurette Meyer, Chantal Monnier, Anke Müller, Vreni Nydegger, Marie-Claire Pécoud, Sandine Pécoud, Andreas Riedwyl, Mina Schumacher, Thérèse Sommer, Pierre Sommer, Vreni Spaltenstein, Alfred Spaltenstein, Chantal Steinmann-Mesot, Margrit Sterchi, Claude Sterchi, Marlis Studer-Bruns, Kathy Wüthrich-Krähenbühl

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