The new Expo


The initiative of the ten largest cities in Switz­erland for a new national Expo is named NEXPO – the new Expo, so called because of the completely new form it will take. It will be sustainable, future-oriented and decen­tralised, and take place throughout Switz­erland.

Over the next few years, everyone in Switz­erland is invited to help develop new ideas and projects relating to social coexistence in a time of globa­li­sation, digita­li­sation, climate change and migration, using NEXPO’s digital platform.

In 2028 – the year in which the project will culminate – it will be possible to experience and visit the NEXPO projects all across Switz­erland. The best projects will be chosen as the new symbols of 21st century Switz­erland and hopefully become established as such in the long term.

NEXPO will be a national Expo that everyone can get involved in and be part of.

The NEXPO is breaking completely new ground.