Tadashi Kawamata

Observation Balcony

The internationally renowned Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata installed an observation post on a balcony of the Hotel des Arts (Rue J. L. Pourtalès, room 507 on the fifth floor). From here, one had a clear and unobstructed view of the main entrance to the Arteplage Neuchâtel. The loggia-like balcony was converted into a concealed Observation Balcony with a wooden and glass porch and a telescope. The installation consisted of simple materials taken from the surroundings - it was meant to look random and integrate into its environment. Random visitors as well as specially invited guests were invited to stay on this balcony and record their observations in a guest book. The impressions collected here were published as a book after Expo.02 ended.


Tadashi Kawamata, Tokyo, Japan

Artist coordination
Christophe Scheidegger, Basel

Project architect
Marc Renaudin, Berne

Hotel des Arts, Rue J. L. Pourtalès, room 507 on the fifth floor www.hoteldesarts.ch

Coaching Expo.02
Armin Heusser (Head)
Christelle Wick

Photos: © Christophe Scheidegger