View of a different Switzerland

Territoire imaginaire

The exhibition Territoire imaginaire is made up of five installations that show the Swiss living space from an unusual perspective. Visitors can discover a different Switzerland as tourists in their own country.

Territoire imaginaire sends visitors on a journey of discovery through another Switzerland. As soon as they enter the pavilion, they become tourists in their own country: they are greeted with postcard views of everyday life in Switzerland. The experience of seeing their own, actually well known habitat as a foreign country accompanies the audience on their further journey through the imagined country.

Switzerland as a group of islands in the sea

Territoire imaginaire presents the familiar in new packaging. Visitors learn about fictitious events, such as the decision by the Federal Council to cut all subsidies for agriculture. The travellers also discover how the military created a new landscape through its use of the land. They gain an insight into the everyday life of a typical Swiss city dweller in 2027 and experience a Switzerland that - due to the 1400-metre rise in sea level - lies as a group of islands in the sea.

Five different worlds, one habitat Switzerland

The visions, which form the Territoire imaginaire in five exhibition sections, play with our living space and demonstrate what it could look like under different conditions. Each of the visions of a different Switzerland is artistically realised by the respective project group: With short films, photographs, installations and a wide variety of multimedia installations, visitors are transported into five different worlds that nevertheless have a common point of reference: Switzerland as a living space.


Visitor capacity per day

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Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks (ASCB), Basel 

Project management
Urs Rohde, Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks (ASCB), Basel 

cultur prospectiv (Hans-Peter Meier), Zurich 

Contents SwissScape
Robert A. Huber, Hans Kloetti

Contents Der Bundersrat beschliesst
Christoph Wenger, Felix Haller, André Schneider, Felix Schaad

Contents Land schaffen
Franz Bucher, Gerold Kunz, Hilar Stadler

Contents Learning from Schrebergarten
Marion Zahnd, Daniel Furrer, John Wäfler, Jeanne Berthoud

Contents Waterproof
Sara Bichiccio. Eric Emry, Frédéric Seydoux, Sebastian Rappaz, Manuel Borruat, Axel Jaccard, Cédric Decroux, Yves Fidalgo, Alexander Bettler

Outer cover digital print - photography Hochland
Guido Baselgia, Malans

GXM Architekten (Alexandra Gübeli, Yves Milani), Zurich 

Rossetti+Wyss Architekten (Nathalie Rossetti, Mark Aurel Wyss), Zurich 

General planner
gsg Projekt Partner AG (Marco Hablützel), Basel 

General contractor
De Luca Management AG, Biel-Bienne  
Blumer-Lehmann AG, Gossau 

Media contact Verband Schweizerischer Kantonalbanken (VSKB)
Corinne Maeschli, Verband Schweizerischer Kantonalbanken (VSKB), Basel
Willy Knüsel, Nüssli Special Events AG, Hüttwilen 

Coaching Expo.02                      
Pidu Russek (Head)
Dogan Firuzbay
Fabian Meier

Nüssli Special Events AG (Ivo Haldner, Sandra Preisig), Hüttwilen 

Daniela Beyeler-Strobel

Photos: Press kit Territoire imaginaire; © Andreas Mosimann; © Guido Baselgia