Arteplage Biel-Bienne

Theme: Power and Liberty

Power, money, authority: one could think that the three imposing towers of the Arteplage Biel-Bienne have only that in mind. But their domineering shadows do not reach to the shore where courage, creativity and freedom abound.

In the natural surroundings of the Expopark the pavilions make their appearance discreetly, like the dreams in our minds. Here there is everything: space, urbanity, communication, fun. The millennium has already established itself: it stimulates our grey matter and gathers our visions of the future.

From here we can walk easily over the 450.00-meter footbridge high above the bay of Biel-Bienne which joins the Expopark to the Forum, forming a link between freedom and power. On the massive platform, which is supported by 236 piles anchored into the bottom of the lake, the three towers create the impression of impregnable strongholds. But the giants have feet of clay, and their pompous structures are more show than reality: neither they nor power, money and authority are inviolable.

Team Arteplage Biel-Bienne Expo.02
Head of Arteplage: Jean-Pierre Weber
Construction managers: Stephan Kessler, Guido Keune
Operations managers: Michel Ducret, Sybille Hauser, Frankin Niedrig
Exhibition managers: Pidu Russek, Arndt Schafter
Head of Events: Christoph Stahel
Operational steering: Günter A. Rühle
Media officers: Johanna Estermann, Monique Jüni

Event venues

Events are an important pillar of Expo.02 and offer a wide variety of daily and nightly entertainment: a multitude of events, shows and performances will take place during Expo.02.

They cover a wide range of artistic fields and many sports disciplines. Encounters are in the foreground, as is the dialogue between cultures and generations, between tradition and the avant-garde. In addition to the well-known names, the events promise many surprises and invite you to make discoveries. A wide variety of small and large-scale productions will entertain visitors during the day and evening and will wrap the Arteplages in a festive atmosphere. 


The exhibitions are inspired by the theme of the Arteplage: Power and Freedom. They address parallels and opposites between the individual and society, and examine social reality and fantasy, as well as money and what it cannot buy.

Inbetweens: Art and other projects

In addition to exhibitions in the classical sense, there are also projects which fall between art and events.


The Funpark offered numerous attractions.


Expo.02 offered visitors a full range of catering from breakfast to single malt whiskey at the bar. The wide range of catering on offer at the Arteplage had something for every budget.