Other partners

Expo.02 was supported financially and/or in kind by various partners, sponsors and supporters divided into different groups. 

Exhibition Partner 
AlphydroMagie de l'énergie
Association of Swiss Cantonal BanksTerritoire imaginaire
Association of Swiss Chocolate ManufacturersBien travailler - Bien s'amuser
Avina Foundation SwitzerlandJardin de la violance
Credit Suisse GroupCyberhelvetia.ch
ESE.02Un ange passe
ETH Zurich + University of ZurichAda
Expoagricole.02Garden of Eden - Fascination
Federal Office of Public HealthLe premier regard
Federation of Migros CooperativesStrangers in Paradise
Helsana Insurances AGBlindekuh
Novartis Pharma AGBiopolis
RocheGarden of Eden
Sport Suisse 02Circuit
SRG SSR idée suisseAtelier Zérodeux
SUISAKlangturm - Sound tower
SUISA Foundation for MusicKlangturm - Sound tower
Sunrise Communications AGMedia-Cut
Swiss Association of CitiesOnoma
Swiss Association of CommunesOnoma
Swiss Life/RentenanstaltSwiss Love
Swiss National BankMoney and value - the last taboo
Swiss PostOnoma
Swiss ResWISH*
Swiss Red CrossLe jardin de la violence
Swiss Trade Association SGVPanorama of the Battle of Murten
Swisscom AGEmpire of Silence
SwissmemLeben, Lust und Lohn
The Raiffeisen BanksCircuit
Volkart FoundationAtelier Zérodeux
Zurich Financial ServicesHappy End
Exhibition sponsors 
BAKOMAtelier Zérodeux
Beisheim FoundationCircuit
Gebauer FoundationBlindekuh
Jelmoli Holding AGBlindekuh
Event Partner 
ABB ClubMondial
Centre Culturel du Val de TraversArtemisia
Ciba SCShape your future
Clariant International AGShape your future
Coca Cola Beverages AGCargo Club
ESE.02Days of the churches
Federal Office of Public HealthTheme week Health
Feldschlösschen Beverages AGCargo Club
Forum EngelbergTheme week Health
Nestlé Suisse SAExpoGames.02
Respect Village AssociationTheme week Respect
SWISS Air LinesCargo Club
Swiss Arts Council Pro HelvetiaVarious events
Swiss LottoMummenschanz
Swiss OlympicExpoGames.02
Swiss Textile FederationTheme week Fashion and Textile
UBS AGLibretto and other events
Event sponsors 
Atlas Copco Switzerland AGTheme week Energy and Environment
Beiersdorf AGCirque des Idées
Bibliomedia SwitzerlandCirque des Idées
Bon Appetit GroupeHalbtraum
CAB Productions SAVoix d'Europe
Citydisc/Directmedia Mail Order AGSingle CD
Fondation LeenardsOpening ceremony
Foundation of the Swiss National Exhibition 39Yenish, Sinti & Roma
Health Promotion SwitzerlandSource of laughter
Interproffesion du GruyèreExpoGames.02
Lia RumantschaCirque des Idées
Oertli FoundationTrench warfare
Petroleum AssociationVoices on sustainability
Rivella AGExpoGames.02
Science et Cité FoundationCirque des Idées
Swatch AGOpening Ceremony
Swiss Lung LeagueTheme week Health
Swiss Unesco CommissionRespect Village
Working Group Women 2001Women's Day
Product / Service / Infrastructure and Media Partner (PSIM Partner)
Adecco Human Resources AGPersonnel administration
Ernst & Young AGAccounting, controlling
Expen SAElectricity
Manpower (Switzerland) AGPersonnel administration
Orange CommunicationsAPBI Helix
PubliGroupe S.A.Internet communication
SAP (Switzerland) AGSoftware management
Schindler Aufzüge AGLifts, escalators
Spectrum Events AGCongress management
Swiss Gas Industry AssociationNatural gas
Product / Service / Infrastructure and Media Sponsors (PSIM Sponsors)
Costume Kaiser AGCostumes
MétéoSuisseWeather services
Microsoft AGSoftware licences
Migros coopérative VaudFeasibility study
Oettinger Imex AGCigars
Scana Lebensmittel AGFood
Swiss Alpine Club SACBoulder/climbing wall
Swiss LottoFeasibility study
Xerox AGphotocopiers, printers
Supporter (SME) 
Abegg Holding AGLe nom caché
Abegglen Management PartnersService Supporter: Consulting
Abex Software AGService Supporter: Software
Aéroport International de GenèveSupporter
Agro Centre MaltersSME package
AJS ingenieurs civils SAAPNE Histoires de Voir
AJS ingenieurs civils SAAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
ALC SàrlSME Supporter: Training Exploitation
Antalis AGProduct Supporter: Paper
Approach Advertising & LabellingAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Artilux-Swiss Safety AGAPYV Flower dunes
Association of Swiss Master Butchers VSMSME package
Atoss Software AGService Supporter: Software
Au Moka SAAPNE Champs de Roseaux
AutionZ GmbHTheme week Energy and Environment
Avina Foundation, SwitzerlandAPMO Blindekuh
Banque Cantonale NeuchâteloiseAPNE Histoires de Voir
Bauengeneering AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
BBZ Baubedarf AGAPYV Flower dunes
Beiersdorf AGSoaps
Beiersdorf AGCirque des Idées
Bertelsmann Media (Switzerland) AGService Supporter: Advertisements
BLS Lötschbergbahn AGService Supporter: Locomotive advertising
Bombardier Transportation (Switzerland) AG14-19 Shape your future
Calorie SAAPNE Histoires de Voir
Canyon Sports Ltd.Product Supporter: Bicycles
Cerebral FoundationProduct supporter: Electric bicycles
Cerjo S.A.SME package
Constructeurs Comina SAAPNE Histoires de Voir
CPH Chemie + Papier Holding AGAPNE Champs de Roseaux
Credit Suisse GroupeMiscellaneous
Cremo SASME package
Day Software AGProduct Supporter: Software
Denz -& CoProduct Supporter: Furniture
Dolder Grand HotelService Supporter: VIP Guests
Dosenbach-Ochsner AGAPYV Flower dunes
Easy Systems GmbHProduct Supporter: eCommerce
Edge TechnologiesProduct support: Software
Ehrsam AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Elexa SAAPNE Histoires de Voir
Energizer SAAPYV Flower dunes
Ernst Göhner FoundationAPMO Blindekuh
Eternit AGProduct support
Excom AGProduct supporter: EDP devices
Fabrimex AGAPYV Flower dunes
Fabrimex AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Federal Office for Foreign NationalsRendez-vous
Feintool International HoldingSME package
Felco SAAPYV Flower dunes
Folex AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Foundation School for Guide Dogs for the BlindAPMO Blindekuh
Früh Verpackungstechnik AGAPNE Champs de Roseaux
Geberit AGProduct Supporter: Cash
Gebrüder Niessing GmbH & Co.Product Supporter: Steel rings
Gebrüder Schnyder & Cie. AGAPBI Walk of Fame
Girsberger AGAPBI Walk of Fame
GLAESER Allserv AGAPBI Walk of Fame
Gravograph AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Hans Eggenberger FoundationAPMO Blindekuh
Hefti. Hess. Martignoni. Holding AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Holinger Willy AGAPYV Flower dunes
Hotel Schiff am SeeAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
HP Gasser AGAPYV Flower dunes
HRS Hauser Rutishauser Suter AGAPBI Walk of Fame
IBASME package
Intertime AGAPYV Flower dunes
Intertransflor AGProduct support: Flowers
IWC International Watch Ltd.Service Supporter: Advertisements
Jean Müller Glas AGAPBI Walk of Fame
Jean-Christophe Gyr (Gold'Or)Service Supporter: Advertisements
K.A. Blöchliger AGSME Supporter: Monolith chairs
Kanebo Cosmetics SwitzerlandService Supporter: Advertisements
Katadyn Products AGAPBI Walk of Fame
Keller AG for pressure measurement technologyAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Klarer Freizeitanlagen AGAPYV Flower dunes
Kopp Robert AGAPBI Walk of Fame
Krüger & Co. AGAPYV Flower dunes
Kyburz AG, printing companyAPYV Flower dunes
L. Klein AGAPBI Walk of Fame
La Poissine SAAMJ
Lake Zurich Navigation CompanyAPYV Flower dunes
Linde Lansing Fördertechnik AGNo project
LUNOR, G. Kull AGAPYV Flower dunes
Maerki Baumann & Co. AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Marti Fleisch AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Medos SA (Johnson & Johnson)APNE Histoires de Voir
Meister Publishing HouseService Supporter: Advertisements
Mengis Printing and PublishingService Supporter: Advertisements
Metallica SAAPYV Flower dunes
Metalor AGAPNE Histoires de Voir
Miauton S.A.APYV Flower dunes
Migros Cooperative Federation ZurichSME Supporter
MLG Metal and Planning AGSME Supporter
Muller Machines SAAPBI Walk of Fame
Nestlé Switzerland S.A.Animalia
Octagon (Switzerland) AGAPYV Flower dunes
Opan concept SAAPNE Histoires de Voir
Orell Füssli Holding LtdAPBI Walk of Fame
Otto Fischer AGAPYV Flower dunes
Parmigiani SAAPNE Artemisia
Paul Schiller FoundationAPMO Blindekuh
Petroplus Marketing AGProduct support: Fuel Iris boat
Pfizer AGAPNE Champs de Roseaux
Prasa Hewitt SAAPNE Histoires de Voir
PSINet SwitzerlandService supporter: Website
Puma (Switzerland) AGProduct supporter: Shoes
Rossi AccessoriesProduct supporter: Bags
Rossier Dominique G. SASME package
Sacom SAProduct Supporter: Flat screens
Salomon (Switzerland) AGProduct supporter: Inline skates
Salzmann AGAPBI Walk of Fame
Sanitas Health InsuranceAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Sicli Matérial-Incendie SAProduct Supporter
Siegfried Holding AGAPNE Champs de Roseaux
SIKA AGSME package
Smartec SAProduct Supporter: Sensors (Ada)
SNP Société Neuchâteloise de Presse SAAPNE Histoires de Voir
Sophie and Karl Binding FoundationAPMO Blindekuh
Soreco Business Management Solutions AGAPYV Flower dunes
Stampfli CleanersSME Supporter: Cleaning APBI
Stämpfli Publishing House AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Stralfors AGProduct Supporter: Stickers
Stücheli ArchitectsAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Stüssi TrailersAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Sunrise Medical AGService Supporter: Wheelchairs
Swiss Arts Council Pro HelvetiaTrans-Litterale
Swiss Association of Cultural FoundationsAPMO Blindekuh
Swiss Hotelier AssociationService Supporter: Advertisements
Swiss Pac AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
Swiss Path FoundationProduct supporter: Water fountain
Swiss Teletext AGService Supporter: Newsticker
Swiss Textile FederationService Supporter: Clothing
Swissfirms Data AGService Supporter: Company address
The Raiffeisen BanksEvent supporter: Respect theme week
TRAVYS SAService Supporter: Locomotive advertising
Tuchschmid AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
TV8Media support
Tydac AGProduct supporter: Internet
UBS Cultural FoundationAPMO Blindekuh
unterwegs GmbHProduct supporter: Recumbent bikes
Utzenstorf Paper Mill AGAPYV Flower dunes
Vaucher AGSME package
Victorinox AGAPMO Panorama of the Battle of Murten
VIP Gachet & Cie.APYV Flower dunes
Vitelli Velobedarf AGProduct supporter: Bike trailers
Vogt-Schild/Habegger Medien AGAPBI Walk of Fame
Von Arx S.A. PeseuxAPNE Histoires de Voir
VVST Insurance AssociationService Supporter: Shuttle transport MU
W. Gassmann AGSME package
Weiss & Appetito AGAPMO Cinéma Open Air
Yamaha Europe GmbHAPNE Piazza Pinocchio
Zehnder Heizkörper AGAPBI Walk of Fame
Zellweger Luwa AGAPYV Everland
Zschokke General Contractor AGSME Package
Zschokke General Contractor AGProducts
Zürcher Freilager AGSME Package

Text: Expo.02 Final Report, 2003