Human Powered Mobility (HPM)

This term is synonymous with muscle-powered movement. HPM was an integral part of the Expo.02 transport concept: visitors had to be able to get from one Arteplage to another without using a motor vehicle, for example by bicycle, boat or pedalo, on foot or on rollerblades. With this offer, Expo.02 encouraged the use of environmentally-friendly means of transport.

Bike Station

The Bike Stations offered all the services and information needed to ensure that visitors to Expo.02 could enjoy their bike or rollerblade ride in complete relaxation and without any problems. HPM vehicles could be hired from a Bike Station and returned to any other Bike Station. The Bike Station, staffed by specialists, ensured that rental vehicles were always clean and in perfect technical condition. The Bike Stations were located near the arteplages of Biel-Bienne, Murten-Morat, Neuchâtel, Yverdon-les-Bains (always close to the main entrance) as well as in Anet, at the intersection of the HPM route network and at selected outdoor stations (e.g. Tipi Tent Villages and other accommodation).

Project management
Dr Urs Schaer (Project manager)
Daniel Leupi (Deputy project manager)
Markus Capirone (Member)
Blaise Dériaz (Member)
Ruedi Jaisli (Member)
Peter Anrig (Representative of the SwitzerlandMobility Foundation)

Rental prices

HPM vehicle   Adults Children
up to 16 years
School classes
ExpoBike Canyon   CHF 25.00 CHF 15.00 CHF 12.50
LoungerBike Flux   CHF 28.00 CHF 20.00 CHF 20.00
Van Trailer   CHF 15.00 - -
Vitelli-Buggy   CHF 15.00 - -
Co-Pilot Tandem Cerebral   CHF 25.00 CHF 15.00 CHF 12.50
RollFiets Cerebral   CHF 25.00 CHF 15:00 CHF 12.50
InlineSkates Salomon   CHF 25.00 CHF 15:00 CHF 12.50