Merchandising / Sales-on-Site

Expo.02 offered a total of over 300 different merchandising articles, from the mascot Lili to T-shirts with monthly changing motifs, Expo.02 wines and Expo.02 condoms, there was almost everything.

There were 24 sales outlets and 12 mobile units on the Arteplage itself. The Swiss Kiosk Owners' Association SKIV ran the shops on all four Artepages, offering merchandising as well as everyday products. A photo service per Arteplage enriched the offer. Souvenir photos with Lili or the other mascots could be taken spontaneously in the photo studio.

Arteplage Biel-Bienne
6 sales shops (size between 90 and 400 m2)
3 mobile units

Arteplage Murten-Morat
4 sales shops (size between 45 and 180 m2)
3 mobile units

Arteplage Neuchâtel
11 sales shops (size between 45 and 180 m2)
3 mobile units

Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains
3 sales shops (size between 190 and 450 m2)
3 mobile units

Merchandising Expo.02
Karl Walter, Responsable Merchandising
Meltem Ermutlu, Assistante
Philiipp Rutz, Responsable Merchandising APNE
Patric Savioz, Responsable Merchandising APBI

Patrick Schneider, Responsable activités commerciales

Shop employees - SKIV
Anouchka Adatte, Natacha Balogh, Janine Blanc, Eva Duvoisin, Nadine Erismann, Géraldine Grau, Sara Héritier, Elvira Isenring, Suzanne Jaccard-Sandoz, Claudine Kasaï, Chantal Mathez Sallin, André Overney, Yvette Persoz, Anne-Marie Vuillemin