Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains

Theme: Me and the Universe

Each of the four arteplages represents a new challenge for the architects and engineers, and the one at the southern end of Lake Neuchâtel is no exception. It takes the form of an artificial cloud in the middle of the lake, and the landmark of the Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains is reached at the end of a tour of the senses.

It all begins with the fundamental questions: who am I? Where is my place in the universe? The Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains answers these questions with a fantastic festival of the senses: first of all, we discover a landscape of hills and valleys. We breathe in fragrances, decode (video) pictures, watch the play of light, experience strange sounds montages, and rediscover ourselves in unusual situations.

On the shores of the lake, a huge timber construction with a colourful, parchment-like roof shelters the exhibitions. We reach the Cloud, which looks like a mysteriously mist-swathed island, by means of a footbridge. We arrive at the island, we see it, feel it, enter it, and linger there.

Team Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains Expo.02
Head of Arteplage: Noël Schneider
Debuty head of Arteplage: Reto Sulzer
Construction manager: Jean Uriot
Operations managers: Philippe Blanchoin, Marc Colin, Willy Zaugg
Exhibition managers: Sergio Cavero, Markus Röthlisberger
Head of Events: Eric Gasser
Media officers: Jacqueline Forster. Sylvie Leuthold

Event venues

Events are an important pillar of Expo.02 and offer a wide variety of daily and nightly entertainment: a multitude of events, shows and performances will take place during Expo.02.

They cover a wide range of artistic fields and many sports disciplines. Encounters are in the foreground, as is the dialogue between cultures and generations, between tradition and the avant-garde. In addition to the well-known names, the events promise many surprises and invite you to make discoveries. A wide variety of small and large-scale productions will entertain visitors during the day and evening and will wrap the Arteplages in a festive atmosphere. 


The exhibitions are located on the shores of the lake, nestling between hills or protected by a colourful envelope. They are aimed to all our senses, and they are intended to help us find our place in the scheme of things. What is our identity, and how is it influenced by our environment? The exhibitions revolve around the theme of "Me and the universe".

Inbetweens: Art and other projects

In addition to exhibitions in the classical sense, there are also projects which fall between art and events.


Expo.02 offered visitors a full range of catering from breakfast to single malt whiskey at the bar. The wide range of catering on offer at the Arteplage had something for every budget.