Arteplage Mobile du Jura

Architecture: A former gravel barque

The design of the Arteplage Mobile du Jura (AMJ) was developed exclusively for Expo.02 in collaboration with the Parisian office Mésarchitecture of the architect-designer Didier Faustino and the Swiss shipbuilding and engineering team dyne led by Clemens Dransfeld and Christian Bolinger.

The core of the former gravel barque La Poissine (length 37.00 metres, width 10.00 metres) is a multifunctional action room for 150 passengers with bar, sun deck and adjoining rooms on more than 300 square metres.

The Arteplage Mobile du Jura is a floating and variable tool that changes its outer and inner shape according to the climate and adapts to the changing requirements of operation between theatre, discussion forum, broadcasting studio, open-air stage, exhibition space, disco and lounge.

Department of Economic Affairs and Cooperation of the Canton of Jura

Delegates Canton Jura
Jean-François Roth, Stéphane Berdat, Valérie Falbriard

Concept, architecture and design
Mésarchitecture (Didier Faustino, Pascal Mazoyer), Paris, France

dyne design engineering gmbh, Niederlenz
Naval Architecture Yacht Design Stadelmann Bolinger, Lucerne

Lignting design
AIK expéditions Lumières (François Magos and Yann Kersalé), Paris, France

Sound architecture
Andres Bosshard

Stage technology
Peter Affentranger

General contractor
Sables & Graviers La Poissine SA, Grandson
MLG Metall und Planung (Donato Gregorio), Berne

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Photos: © Archive Joël Joliat