Meaning and Motion

Association grid Arteplage Mobile du Jura

Dramatic arc   Meaning and Motion
Code words   Order
Inversion of the code words   Chaos
Key questions   Natural and created order: What is the potential of chaos?
Picture   Cosmos, island, soap bubble
Colours   brown to blue
Architecture   spaceship, pirate ship
Shapes   any
Period   Permanence
Symbolic and cult figures   Peter Pan, Dervish, Stephen Hawkins
Knowledge   associate, dissociate
Systems   Lottery machine, Big Bang, Island, the Star, Fat Eye
Swiss myths   St. Nicholas of the Flüe
Artificial Intelligence   Extension of the body
Activity   shake, dance
Season   Intermediate seasons
Development   Metamorphosis
A Theorem   the foal romps around
Philosophical model   Metaphysics, search for new codes of conduct, rules, new etiquette, natural decency
Urgent case   Globalisation
What's going on, baby?   Nanophysics, individualisation
Architectural affinities   Clara, Maltersers, S.F. Michelin, Samuel Neptune, Wang Ding-Do, ...
Individuality   Friendship
Animals   Migratory birds, chameleon
Plants/fruits   Reed, moss, grass, mango, lichen
Addictive substances   Ecstasy, television
Visual associations   Volcano, vibration, intoxication, wind, trotting horses, submarine, stock market crash
Materials   Mercury, spray, wood, light, metal
Conversational forms   sing
Fun park machines   -
Pier   -
Film   Gone with the Wind
Source of income   Willow
Yellow   sulphur, banana
Red   firecracker red, flag red
Blue   turquoise
Images again   trotting herd of horses, satellite
Smells   stardust
Sounds   clink, steps on gravel, firecracker shot
Locomotion   riding, rolling, darting
Body awareness   weightless, ecstatic
Cooperation   Group dance
More figures   Cheb Chaled, my neighbour, Albert Einstein
Objects   Psychiatrist's couch, centrifuge
Artists   Cindy Sherman, Roman Signer, Sens Unik, ...
Science   Chaos research, politics
Places   Hawaii, Chasseral, Hong Kong
Death   throwing oneself off a cliff
Sport   Dancing, motocross, horse riding
Drinks   Mescal, coconut milk