Direction Marketing

The Direction Marketing (DM) was responsible for marketing the national exhibition and, in the first phase, also for communication.

The first management team of Expo.01 had a modern understanding of marketing and communication and created a separate department for this purpose as early as 1996. Important basic work, which was to remain important for the later Expo.02 project, was already realised in this visionary phase. The visual image, i.e. the logo with red ellipse and Swiss cross as well as the name Expo.01, was developed and retains its validity for the Expo.02 project. The slogan imagiNation also dates from this time. The neologism Arteplage - literally translated: art and beach - symbolised the desired Expo experience between leisure and culture. The five Artplage themes also date back to the original phase of the project. In this phase, important foundations were laid that were not only of great importance for marketing and communication, but also strongly influenced the later work of the architects and exhibition organisers.

The management
Rainer Müller, Directeur Marketing (02.02.2000-31.03.2003)
Rainer Müller, Directeur Marketing ad interim (01.11.1999-01.02.2000)
Aloys Hirzel, Directeur Marketing (11.09.1998-27.09.1999)

The heads of department
Peter Berger (marketing et communication)
Regula Flury-Leisi (vente à l'étranger)
Peter Hürlimann (vente entreprises)
Ruedi Jaisli (local operator)
Florian Kern (billetterie) 
Pierre-André Kruger (vente interne)
Rita Morf (easy acces)
Brigitte Ramser Müller (vente écoles)
Patrick Schneider (vente on-site)
Gregor Schwegler (coordination des ambassadeurs Expo.02)
Daniel Suter (marketing et communication partenaires)
Thomas Uriot (vente groupes)
Karl Walter (merchandising)
Christophe Weber (vente events)
Susanne Wüllner (promotion Expo.02-Mobil)

The staff
Haide Ly Allenbach, Christoph Almer, Christa André-Pfister, Jolanda Artho, Pierre Auer, Maryam Bahadorzadeh, Léonie Balmer, Eric Bélanger, Marie-Aude Berset, Anne Berthoud, Iris Myriel Bieri, Regina Bösterli, Edith Bourquin, Brigitte Brechbühl, Stéphanie Bugnon, Antoine Chopard, Cécilia Courvoisier, Krishna Dedeyn, Anne Delafontaine, Annina Dinkel, Angie DuPasquier, Michael Dusong, Meltem Ermutlu, Josée Fallet, Fritz Hegi, Caroline Henrioud, Adolf Howald, Peter Hürlimann, Thomas Krüttli, Dorothée Loehr, Damiel Maiore, Silvia Mani, Delphine Marti-Kaufmann, Anne-Lise Matter, Beata Ming, Bettina Mühlebach, Stéphanie Muriset, Sandie Nicaty, Claude H. Orell, Katharina Palas-Stoll, Nicolas Paratte, Céline Pizzotti, Anne Receveur, Annette Rochat, Lorène Rosset, Matthias Rutishauser, Philipp Rutz, Patric Savioz, Olivier Schaftroth, Linda Schelker, Yvan Schlatter, Eliane Schleiss, Pascal Schwarz, Dominic Smid, Véronika Stämpfli, Annemarie Stuck-Gilomen, Céline Surdez-Jeanneret, Gabriela Wieser-Bleuel, Franz Zemp

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