A synthesis of the arts

Hotel Everland

For 159 nights, the Hotel Everland welcomes guests. The Swiss artist couple Lang/Baumann (Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann) were responsible for the construction of the exclusive art hotel.

Hotel Everland is a mobile hotel with only one room that was created on the occasion of Expo.02 for the Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains. It embodies the subjective dream of a hotel and all the details are important components of the concept: the architecture, the invitation to steal the gold-embroidered bath towels, the exclusive booking system (the room could only be booked for one night), the richly stocked minibar. Breakfast was delivered to the room and there was a personally compiled record collection. All Hotel Everland guests became part of the artwork. 


Visitor capacity per day
Guests in room: approx. 2
During the day: free flow - Expo visitors up to the glass door

Total visitors
Guests in the room: approx. 300
During the day: free flow - Expo visitors up to the glass door

Idea and design
Lang/Baumann, Burgdorf www.langbaumann.com

Construction and planning
Lang/Baumann, Burgdorf www.langbaumann.com
Collaboration: Nicolas Feldmeyer, Anton Graf, Marc-Antoni Huonder, Valérie Jomini, Gerhard Stoeckli, Stanislas Zimmermann

Gianni Jetzer www.gianni-jetzer.com 

Exhibition construction
Lang/Baumann, Burgdorf www.langbaumann.com
Collaboration: Alex Antener, Jörg Bosshard, Kaspar Hänseler, Daniel Heynen, Jeaps Keller, Adrien Laubscher, Beno Langenegger, Pierre-Andre Michoud, Barbara Perini, Rita Reutebuch, Fabian Stücheli, Stéphane Weber, Sandro Zimmermann, René Zosso
Baumann Carosserie, Burgdorf 
A. Blatter AG, Berne 
Eggimann Holzfertigung, Ramsei 
Max Sägesser AG, Burgdorf 

Project Coordination Expo.02
Markus Roethlisberger

Coaching Expo.02
Sergio Cavero

Photos: © Lang/Baumann www.langbaumann.com; © Stefan Rohner; © Caspar Martig