Always in motion


Reeds and pebbles, symbols taken from the world of lakes and rivers,, form the icons the Arteplage Neuchâtel. The graceful Roseaux lend the place its poetic charm and are the expression of human individuality. The motion and yet order of the bed od reeds mirrors human society. It creates the mould for the Arteplage and determines its criteria. The Roseaux, made of dyed synthetic tubes, refer to the technology of artificial intelligence and miniaturisation. The surprise effect achieved by the reversal of natural and artificial characteristics is intensified by the wind, which brings movement into the whole scenario. At night the light diodes fitted in the intelligent tips of the Roseaux radiate the light collected  during the day and the bed of Roseaux is covered in a fleeting blinking and shimmering of light.


Photos: © Philipp Zanatta; © Andreas Mosimann; © Urs Berwert; © Lucas Keel; © Claude Zingg; © Archive Frédérique Mouchet; © Archive Ralph Ammann