Event venue Arteplage Murten-Morat

Tente Centenaire

The pulsating heart of this Arteplage is the Tente Centenaire designed by star architect Jean Nouvel. The stage meets the highest acoustic standards. Here, mainly musical theatre and classical concerts can be heard. For example, Fantasma, a satirical musical comedy. Or Black Tell - Opera Savone Suisso - a six-language soap opera. The Libretto Festival extends over ten weekends with 100 concerts. Four ensembles interpret the newly created work Amphibiosis. In Halbtraum - Polar/Die Regierung, the energy of the singer Polar is combined with that of an extraordinary artists' collective from Toggenburg. Literary weekends with readings and literary debates take place in the foyer.

The Tente Centenaire concert hall stands out with its 10.00 m projecting canopy. A scaffolding structure is concealed behind the PVC skin, which has been coloured by the artist's own hand. The grandstand and the foyer emphasise the provisional and unpolished character of the building. 


800 seats

Head of Events Arteplage Murten-Morat
Esther Widmer (Responsable Events)
Mathias Kreiner (Responsable Production)
Luzius Wieser (Responsable Technique)
Mathias Kreiner (Site Coordinator)
Christa Hahn (Responsable Administrative)
Alexandra Karpf (Responsable Logistique) 

Photos: Panorama Tour; DVD Generation.02; © Nüssli (Schweiz) AG, Hüttwilen, www.nussli.com; © VBS-DDPS; © Philippe Ruault