Roland Perret, former owner of Chauffage Compris (rue des Moulins), commissioned another Neuchâtel native, Philip Pelletier (Vie Intérieur), to decorate this lakeside shoebox, which you can't miss on the Chemin des galets. And no one misses it: L'Aparté has been fully booked since the very first day (slow service included). Here you can enjoy fresh, meticulously prepared cuisine in a light, dreamlike setting, with a wall of black leather and a translucent white marble bar. The huge banqueting table - made of rusted metal - has steps for those who want to dance on the tables, while a few antique beds in the relaxation zone invite dreamers to doze off. And at the entrance, two acupressure fairy godmothers offer a life-saving seated massage session for the frazzled and the uptight.


Gastronomy operator
La Golée, Colombier

Contact person
Roland Perret

Operating concept
Full service

Restaurant with avant-garde ambience and concept

Seating and standing capacity
160 seats inside
160 seats outside

Photos: © Jürg Frei; Philipp Zanatta; © Archive Ralph Ammann